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We need volunteers!

If you love Dutch Shepherds and want to help those who are less fortunate, please consider becoming a member of our volunteer base. No effort is too small and no contribution is too little. We are open and seeking volunteers with a range of skills and abilities. Contact Trudy if you are interested in volunteering.

Foster Homes

We are in desperate need of foster homes! Our fosters are the core of our organization. Without them we could not exist! Foster homes provide a temporary home for the dogs we take in until those dogs find their permanent families. They help to prepare the dogs for life with a family; providing training when/where it's needed, and finding out each dog's individual needs. If you are interested in becoming a NADSR foster family, please fill out and submit an Pre-adoption application and edit to say "foster".

* Download a hard copy of our Foster Application
PDF Form You may then send your Pre-Adoption Application to Trudy via email.Trudy .


In order to be able to save as many needy Dutch Shepherds as we can, we need transportation help. When we think we have found a possible Dutch Shepherd that needs rescuing we need people to help transport the dog to a foster home or it's new home, and organized individuals who can help within transportation routes. If you are interested in helping with shelter transportation, please contact Trudy .

Public Education Coordinators

As part of our mission statement, NADSR is dedicated to providing public awareness materials/resources on proper and responsible pet ownership and specific information regarding the care of Dutch Shepherds. Part of this job entails distributing brochures/flyers about the breed to local shelters or humane societies. If you would like to volunteer your time to NADSR by helping in this area please contact Trudy .

Download a copy of Our Brochure for viewing, printing, or to pass out at local shelters, rescue events etc.


If you have skills in investigating, searching and preparing for fundraising events at local pet fairs or expos, organizing yearly Dutch Shepherd reunions and would like to volunteer your time to NADSR please contact Trudy

To Dutch Shepherd Breeders:

NADSR is interested in soliciting your assistance in the following areas:

- Identification of potential rescue dogs in your area

- Pulling of Dutch Shepherds from shelters or harmful situations

- Temporary and/or long term fostering

- Transportation of rescued Dutch Shepherds

- Alerting us to Dutch Shepherds that you know may need assistance

- Helping us build a list of trainers that are familiar with the breed

NADSR too is willing to help breeders of Dutch Shepherds when help is needed. We can do:

- Home inspections

- Transports

-Help re-home a Dutch Shepherd in need.

We would appreciate hearing from each of you regarding your thoughts and if you would be interested in participating in any of the areas we have listed needing assistance in. We are only looking out for the integrity of the breed we have all come to love and to help rescue the Dutch Shepherd in need of being rescued. If you would like to help please contact Trudy

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