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How to Adopt: 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: The Pre-Adoption Application

Before you can adopt a NADSR dog you must fill out and submit a Pre-Adoption Application form..

A note to police officers, SAR and others looking for working dogs:

Most of our rescued dogs are not suitable for these types of jobs unless noted. Some of our rescued Dutch Shepherds are actually dogs that have been rejected by police departments due to their inability to do the job. While we are not opposed to adopting dogs out as working dogs, we adopt only to individuals, never to organizations or police departments.

Submitting your Pre-Adoption Application:

2) Download a hard copy of our Pre-Adoption Application in
PDF Form You may then send your Pre-Adoption Application to Trudy via email.

Trudy Donais

Email: trudy@dutchshepherdrescue.org

Step 2: Talk to us

Once we have received and reviewed your pre-adoption form, we will contact you to discuss your application. We will also make arrangements to do an inspection of your home by one of our volunteers so that we can have a better idea of where the dog will be living and who they will be residing with.

All applications are carefully reviewed so that we can match up the right dog to the right home. We want to make sure that our dogs will be going to their permanent, forever homes.

Step 3: Bring your new dog home!

Depending on how close you are to the dog of your choice arrangements can be made to either have you pick the dog up directly from their foster home, have a transport route set up to you by car, or have the dog flown out to you by air. No matter what the situation, we will find the best way to get your new family member to your home safe and sound.


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