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Please view the available dogs below. All of the dogs listed are located at city or county-run animal shelters and control facilities. While these facilities can offer temporary care for the animals they acquire, more often than not some of the animals have to be euthanized. Unfortunately at this time, NADSR cannot take in every Dutch Shepherd or Dutch Shepherd mixes in need either for lack of foster space, funds or simply because we do not have volunteers in certain areas of the country. For these reasons, every dog listed below should be considered urgently in need of a home unless otherwise stated. Most shelters will try to do some form of temperament testing before their dogs are adopted, but due to the high stress environment many dogs will not exhibit their true nature until they settle into a new home. If you are an experienced Dutch Shepherd owner or experienced with high energy breeds, and you are looking to adopt a new dog, please consider adopting a shelter dog.

While NADSR will do whatever we can to help, please contact the shelter facility directly if you are interested in any of the dogs below. Every dog has a state abbreviation next to it's name.

We make no claim as to the availability,temperament, breed status ( as some may not fit the physical description of a Dutch shepherd) or health of the animals listed below.

Updated February 26th, 2018


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