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"On our drive to go hike with the dogs we were just talking about how crazy the sudden coming together of the 20 hour road-trip weekend to Fresno was and about how totally worth it it was as well! Maxine is really a special dog and we're very happy to have her as a part of our family. -Travis and Andrea "

"Halo, adopted out as an adult in 2006. Loved by family and lost to cancer"


Well, I'm not sure what to say. My whole family is really excited and happy! I'm sadened by the reality that she was once roaming the streets. All three puppies were so beautiful! We are really blessed by all of the effort and coordination that it took. Thanks Trudy for all of your hard work!

As you can tell by the name, we're a Star Wars family too bad I couldn't bring Luke home too!

Thanks again from my whole family.

The Preijers


A six month old DS puppy was found sitting next to a stop sign by an airport in the desert well out of city limits. The pup had chewed through a rope that was used to tie her up there, but she stayed after she got loose and sat waiting for someone to come back. This girl was appropriately named "Solo" by a group of pilots and they took her to live at the airport. Well an airport doesn't make the best home for a dog, so one pilot, with a very soft heart, took her home. That was Steve. Solo was his "co-pilot" from that day on, and they shared a bond that only a shepherd is capable of.

In October 2008, Solo was about 8 years old and unexpectedly died because of a venomous substance, likely our bug catching dog ate a black widow spider. We, and especially Steve, were devastated. He was an avid runner that stopped running because his dog wasn't there. He wouldn't stay up late by himself because she wasn't next to him on the couch. He could hardly get up in the morning because she wasn't curled up on the bed next to him.

We all knew he needed a DS and only believe in owning rescue dogs. We had previously come across NADSR and submitted our application but knew we would have to be careful of who we brought home with our other dogs, cats, and kids so we said we would start with a foster and see how it went. We got word that a DS had been pulled from the Denver shelter (whose owners refused to come get her after repeatedly bailing her out), so we picked her up in our neigboring state and brought her home. Astra made herself right at home and got along perfectly with everyone else and became a permanent member of our family. She and Steve formed an instant bond. Needless to say, they are running, staying up late, and snuggling in the mornings!

Thank You,

Johnstone Family


I am very thankful for your rescue and couldn't believe since last November people had passed this dog by and not brought her home. It's amazing. Truly she is such a wonderful dog. I mean right out of the box, house broken,trainable,good recall off the lead (except in the event of squirrels,cats,and deer :-) LOL

TRULY if the entire breed is like this I would consider another one!

Thank You,

Hammel Family


"We came across Dutch Shepherds while looking on Purebred dogs on the internet. At first I didn't hear about this organization. We were directed to Trudy and NADSR by Charis Tawney. We have never owned a DS but fell in love with everything about them. I had finally gotten an email from Trudy saying she thought Tanna was the best match for our family. We have two boys, 7 and 1. We never saw Tanna in person before getting her, but seeing her on the webpage and just the look on her face, I just had a good feeling about her. So, Trudy traveled down here on a Sunday day to bring Tanna to us. We absolutely adore Tanna. She is unique and special. Well, Trudy couldn't have placed us with a better dog. Tanna loves our older son and playing with him and his friends. The baby, she thinks he is HER baby. She sometimes smothers him, but it is to only kiss him all over his face or feet. She is a great walking partner also. These dogs really are amazing and highly intelligent. We couldn't be happier with Tanna. I hope this helps people see what a great family pet the DS can make. I know they are great for K-9 and rescue, but they are highly dedicated as a family pet also. NADSR has been great in assisting us and they are always there for questions, ect. It's a great feeling adopting a dog and giving them a second chance at a wonderful life and a forever home."

"Arlie & Luna "

"We were casually looking to add a second DS to our family late 2008 to get a playmate for our 3 year old DS Arlie who was rescued locally. After filling out the NADSR pre-adoption form and inquiring about a couple of pups that didn't pan out winter arrived and we resigned ourselves that we'd have to wait until spring since (or so we thought) pet transportation in the winter was not an option due to travel restrictions. Being in Ontario, DS are fairly uncommon and finding Arlie was kind of a fluke, but nonetheless we continued to monitor the NADSR website and petfinder. I found a young male pup that was in a high kill shelter in Florida and I promptly notified Trudy, not for our sake, but to see if she could get him relocated or fostered. Long story short, the male was adopted locally but there was a sister. The young female had been pulled from the high kill shelter by Lori at Heidi's Legacy, a Florida dog rescue. Trudy asked if we'd be interested in the female and after about 3 seconds of discussion we decided that she would be a great addition. After doing some research I discovered that Continental would transport during the winter months in pressurized heated cargo holds for a very reasonable price. Trudy, Christie and Lori at Heidi's Legacy all worked together to make this adoption happen. We've had Luna for a little over 2 months, she is fitting into our family perfectly and we couldn't be more pleased with the help we received from Trudy and the NADSR. Moving a pup across borders is troublesome and they could have very easily discouraged us from trying to get this pup but they did a great job making sure everything was in order!" Paul and Sarah


Overall, Case has been a great dog. We bike together, we started hiking now that the weather has gotten nicer, and we play ball as long as my arm can stand it. Her obedience and focus gets better everyday (it would not be this easy had Vicky her foster mom not put so much time into her already) and my roommates are starting to bond with her as well.

Thanks for giving me such a great dog!




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