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Our mission is to place rescued dogs into loving permanent homes, to educate the public about the breed, to promote responsible pet care and to provide advice and training tips to adopters of the breed. North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue is a foster based organization. We do not operate a shelter facility; all of our dogs live in a home environment until a permanent home is found. The temperament and behavior of each dog is carefully evaluated while they are in foster care so that we can match each dog with the home that is best suited to meet their unique needs. Our organization operates and functions through a group of dedicated volunteers spread throughout the US and are very limited in some areas but we try and do our best. Each individual has a unique personality and skill to help in the rescue of Dutch Shepherds.

NADSR Board of Director: CEO, Trudy Donais

Trudy brings her life-long love of dogs especially for the Dutch Shepherd, together with a 1991 diploma In Animal Science, 5 years Veterinary Assistant experience, a volunteer for the local Humane Society since 1997, and a 1999 graduate of the North State K~9 Academy where she completed a certification program under one of the United States best Training Directors, as a Master Canine Trainer in basic and advanced obedience, behavior modification, personal protection. She has owned/operated Weiss Hauzahn Canine Training since 1999. Trudy is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is a volunteer trainer/foster for Friends of Animal Control. She and her DS, Nantan, have won several PSA competitions including those at the national level. Trudy is the first woman to ever become a PSA judge and she and Nantan are the first woman and DS team to ever compete at the PSA 3 level of competition.

NADSR Board of Director: Cheryl Kreinbring

Cheryl first became aware of the Dutch Shepherd in 2003 when her parents adopted a brindle-coated dog from a local shelter. Though this dog turned out not to be a Dutch Shepherd, this introduction to the breed and subsequent research prepared her well when, in 2006, she adopted Kaya through a local foster. Listed on Petfinder as having been bounced from breeder to family to shelter to foster, she was described as not having the work ethic desired by the breeder but as being an awesome, active companion. Shortly after bringing Kaya home, Cheryl found NADSR, where she is now active volunteering time for transport, home visits, attending local dog rescue events, designing educational materials, and managing items in the NADSR CafePress store. In 2008, she adopted Marley through NADSR, flying between Boston and San Francisco within 24 hours to bring him home. They enjoy frequent trips to Cape Cod where they visit with their DS pals, Skyla and Hanzee.

NADSR Board of Director: Glenn Hull

Glenn has been training and working Search And Rescue dogs for 25 years. 14 years ago he started training personal protection, narcotic dogs and search dogs. Currently helping out by doing some behavior modifications with local dogs. Over the years Glenn has worked with or owned many different breeds including Malinois, German Shepherds, Flat Coated Retrievers and a few mix breeds. He adopted his first Dutch Shepherd Bailie 4 years ago from NADSR. Bailie currently trains in tracking, air scent discipline and has started working on Human remains. His love for the working breeds is what drew him into helping dog rescues. Knowing there are so many in need with so few helping is the force that keeps him in dog rescue.

NADSR Board of Director: Heather Ratynski

Heather has a diverse background that includes work in animal welfare, non-profit management (of an animal health foundation), and as a hospital administrator for a large veterinary practice in Denver. She currently works in the pet retail industry and enjoys competing in endurance sports such as running and triathlon and is an avid photographer. She was "born into dogs" and has shared her life with a broad range of breeds and mixed breeds. She and her husband, John, were originally drawn to the Dutch Shepherd due to its athleticism, intelligence, energy and versatility. They dove in head first with their original Dutch, Kū, a very intense and driven dog who had been given a poor foundation by his previous owner. One Dutch soon turned to two, then three, then four (then they stopped counting)...and soon an Army was born. All of their dogs are rescued (including 3 NADSR alums) and Heather takes particular interest and satisfaction in taking on "project dogs" who need a great deal of rehabilitation and training. She passionately advocates for the breed in preserving their function as working dogs and to demonstrate first hand how adult, rescued dogs can be wonderful working dogs and companions. She also aims to educate people about the breed and how they are a lifestyle choice in hopes that fewer dogs will wind up needing rescue. Heather enjoys a variety of sports with her dogs, including Mondioring, agility, dock jumping, and lure chasing. And as a native Coloradan, she and the Dutch Army get outside as much as possible to hike, camp, run and swim together.

*photo by: Kristin Adams Photography


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